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Mobile app development

Meeting the needs of the sophisticated consumer

We have a multiskilled team of developers and can build mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows suitable for smartphones and tablets. A dedicated mobile app is the point of difference for your start up or the transformation of a global organisation. With a mobile presence on Google play or Apple App store you gain access to a huge growing market which will add to your brand’s prestige.

Business automation

Improve productivity and communications across the organization

Product development

Launch your product quickly on any platform

Lifestyle solutions

Health, fitness and sport are quickly becoming must have Apps

Rapid Information

Apps can deliver a concise set of results specific for the information you seek plus related data.

Apps for work, rest and play

End-user products & services

Apps that give the user new opportunities, increase availability and utilise innovative technologies across devices. Our solutions have a strong focus on intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and value-added functionality.

Internal process optimising utilities

Apps to optimise your workflow, increase your productivity or mobilise your existing IT systems. The key to successful projects is the utilisation of new technologies and thinking mobility into workflows.

Our process is agile and iterative

An Agile and iterative process ensures constant progress and momentum in the project, whilst keeping the process flexible enough to integrate new ideas and knowledge. The agile development approach also supports the notion of incremental and early releases, which in turn minimises risk and focuses on speed to market.

An App isn’t just a nice to have piece of technology, it does have real power for your business and although your website might be responsive down to mobile screen sizes, an App is a simple and effective medium to reach a busy consumer already in touching distance.

User experience, or UX is where we add value. The technology must work but the success of the App will be in the design and user experience. How quickly can a user get from A to B, what animations are engaging your users. Our researchers will design your mobile App to be easy, effective, aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

We have a team of expert mobile App developers at DM360 providing value and insight into the latest techniques, evolving technologies and who have an eye for latest designs. A successful App is based upon usability, design and technology fit for the intended purpose and benefit.

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